Advancing the Unified Collaboration and Contributions of Indigenous Peoples

Toward a More Harmonious, Prosperous, Peaceful, and Sustainable World.

The Four Pillars of Our Work

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Promoting sustainable growth, unified collaboration, and contributions through like-minded peoples and tribal sovereign communities throughout the Americas and Pacific.
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Building and implementing open source, decentralized, and self-sovereign networks: digital ledgers for more secure cultural data preservation and social and economic exchange.

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Embracing an Indigenous-led holistic movement, based on ancient wisdom and co-development, aiming for a more peaceful, environmentally safe, and harmonious world.

Abiding by Sixteen Guiding Principles that emerged from a 40+ year process of reflection, consultation, and action within Indigenous communities across the Americas.
Indigenous Group of People

Dedicated to Unifying the Human Family Through the Fourth Way

Why Panama?

Panama is the central crossroads for trade, transport, and finance —a cultural melting pot for numerous ethnicities throughout Central and South America.

Our Location

The Four Worlds Foundation (FWF) has strategically positioned its operations in the Republic of Panama at The City of Knowledge. The area is home to several like-minded NGOs and United Nations Organizations and works as the hub for the coordination of efforts, training, and educational exchanges between all its fellows. Its outstanding facilities are the ideal place to coordinate our programs for all Indigenous stakeholders and communities throughout the Americas.

FWF Affiliates:

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