Our History

The Four Worlds Foundation (FWF) was co-founded by Chief Phil Lane Jr. and Gregory H. Jackson as a Panama Private Interest Foundation in 2009 and then applied for the association as a member of the City of Knowledge (CDS) (Ciudad del Saber). FWF honors and remains indebted to Senor Juan David Morgan and his sister Mary Morgan, as well as the law firm of Morgan and Morgan and MMG Bank for their active sponsorship of our mentorship and CDS status. Senor Morgan was one of the visionary founders of the City of Knowledge and served on the City of Knowledge Foundation Board of Trustees for many years. The Four Worlds Foundation, at the time of its incorporation, was the only Indigenous-led and serving organization among the over 200 NGOs, United Nations agencies, educational Institutions, and businesses then operating at the City of Knowledge.

Downtown Panama City

City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge campus is strategically located across from the Panama Canal. With 120 hectares and more than two hundred buildings of what was once the Clayton military base, It is now the home to a booming international community established for the purpose of business, academic, scientific, and human collaboration. CDS’s primary purpose and objective is the advancement of human and sustainable development based on knowledge. CDS provides a uniquely collaborative management platform that focuses on boosting the innovative and competitive capacities of the users who share the Campus. This same platform allows for an unusual concentration of innovative firms and international organizations focused on development, as well as academic and research institutions, resulting in a lively and successful collaborative community.

For FWF, locating in the City of Knowledge was the right place for us to conduct many or our networking outreach activities, workshops, and educational and training programs focused on the Indigenous Comarcas throughout Panama and Central America.

From 2013- 2017, FWF rapidly expanded its program services, funding, and outreach to support Panama’s Indigenous women, youth and families. Major gatherings, summits and were also sponsored to engage other Indigenous elders, leaders, and representatives from Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. The Foundation also was active in global environmental preservation and sustainability forums. Learn more about our major programs and events during these years.

After several years of inactivity, the FWF is once again back at the CDS actualizing its timely mission, purposes, and objectives under the programmatic umbrella concepts of: (1) The Union of the Condor, Hummingbird, Quetzal, and Eagle (UCHQE) across the Americas and beyond via The Fourth Way, and (2) IndigeNet© – the establishment a broad decentralized digital network utilizing emerging technologies and open-source systems to propel dynamic social and educational exchanges for economic advancement at a lower distributed cost for Indigenous communities.


Four World Foundation (FWF) Was Founded


Applied to become a member of the City of Knowledge (Ciudad del Saber – CDS)


Rapidly expanded programs, funding, and outreach.


FWF is once again back at the CDS actualizing its timely mission, purposes and objectives.