Born in the Gunayala indigenous comarca of the Republic of Panama, Iniquilipi has been collaborating with the Guna General Congress since 2007. He was the founder and first President of the Guna Youth General Congress and maintains close and strong ties and trusting relationships with all the leaders and peoples of the indigenous territories in Panama. Iniquilipi is also serving as Technical Advisor to the Tagarkunyala Ancestral Territory (Guna) for the legalization of their lands. His previous positions and experience include, among others, Head of the Indigenous Peoples Environment Office (2021-2022) and Technician in Protected Areas and Indigenous Peoples Affairs (2012-2021) at the Ministry of Environment of Panama. Project Coordinator with Geoversity, Iniquilipi has represented Panama and its indigenous peoples in numerous forums in the Americas and Europe. He is an active member of the International Forum of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change (COP 25 and 26) and a Representative of the Guna Peoples in the Human Rights Council. He is co-founder of TvIndigena, a digital platform that showcases the positive contributions and activities of indigenous peoples in Panama and the Abia Yala Region. Iniquilipi holds an educational diploma from Switzerland. He is fluent in his native Dulegaya and Spanish and has a high command of English and French. He will serve as senior indigenous coordinator and ambassador of the Four Worlds Foundation in the Western Hemisphere to share the Fourth Way and expand the Union of the Condor, the Quetzal, and the Eagle.