Eduarda is an energetic and vibrant young leader. Most of her business career was dedicated to new-born companies, and she knows how to move strategies and missions from concept to implementation. Eduarda is a multidisciplinary professional who has over the years led marketing and public relations projects, managed relationships with stakeholders, trained teams, and implemented time-sensitive solutions in her workplace.

She is certified in Social Media Marketing by an American university, where she is finishing her Business Administration bachelors. She is a content creator in her spare time, organically reaching thousands of people from the first video. Her passion is communicating and connecting with people, for which she speaks fluent Portuguese and proficient English and Spanish. Understanding people’s needs, structuring and managing projects, and publicizing solutions are her expertise. She also holds a Green Belt Six Sigma certification and is highly quality-oriented.

Her life cannot be dissociated from non-profit efforts. She was raised participating in charity and social projects. From 2018 to 2019, Eduarda put everything on hold and exclusively dedicated her life to volunteer work in Southern Brazil. She also learned to develop a deep respect for the indigenous peoples as their culture is manifested in several little aspects of Brazilian life – in the country’s food, vocabulary, fashion, and folklore. She firmly believes there is wisdom in the indigenous ways and now she wants to spread this message to the whole world.