The Four Worlds Foundation (FWF) in Panama acts in partnership with other Indigenous community-serving organizations in the Americas and the Pacific Rim as part of a systemic change initiative called The Four Worlds Global Impact Initiative (FWGII).

FWF’s role is to serve as a pivotal hub or point of distribution for programs and services to Indigenous peoples throughout Central and South America. Our global “brand” for these services falls under the umbrella concept of what the partners have named IndigeNet.

During 2023, after many years of planning, owing to the advancement of a broad spectrum of new decentralized, open-source technologies, systems, and applications, IndigeNet is now poised to dynamically move forward.

What Is IndigeNet?

The IndigeNet brand and its attendant programs and services will be promoted and implemented through two channels of distribution, one centered on cultural media (e.g., films, music, fine arts, documentaries, and journalism).

The second is based on the creation of an international decentralized digital network utilizing emerging technologies and open-source systems to propel 21st Century social, educational, and cooperation.

The Indigenous participants and others who choose to join this network will be able to unify and preserve their individual and collective cultural legacies, sharing of knowledge, and mutually beneficial prosperity and economic gain at a lower distributed cost.

The primary objective for the implementation of these tools is to accomplish what we call “The Digital Fourth Way” – a way to preserve, promote and leave a lasting legacy for the world and future generations of Indigenous culture, wisdom, and spiritual values.

IndigeNet Media

A significant new media channel is under development and funded: IndigeNet Media. In short, this is the Time Warner Media of Indigenous people’s storytellers and wisdom keepers on a robust new platform (Indige.Net) that will include:


Feature Narrative Films




Streaming Episodes


Short Format Videos for YouTube and other platforms








Fine Arts

Cultural crafts, photography, and journalism


Blogs & Vlogs

Considerable interest has already been generated tied to this important new media channel where Indigenous peoples will be able to preserve, not only their important cultural heritages, but contribute their wisdom and methods to a world much in need of such information.

The IndigeNet Channel

The concept of a modern international technological framework for the specific benefit of sovereign Indigenous peoples has been under formation for more than a decade. Fortunately, the IT tools are now readily available to make this a reality. Four Worlds Panama and its FWGII partners have already registered and purchased the most prominent online domains and will be trademarking IndigeNet, however, the main hub domain we have chosen is

The technological design involves the integrated use of:


Advanced Open-source Operating Systems


Cloud Storage




Containerized Computing


Distributed Ledger Technology


Data Mining


Sovereign ID Management Systems

Decentralized IndigeNet nodes will formulate its own Cloud and terrestrial-level solutions with the development of a hybrid Web 3.0 stack of micro-services and downloadable Dapps.

CURRENT STATUS: IndigeNet channel is near the completion of its Alpha planning stage and a Beta phase will be piloted in pre-selected Indigenous communities during the second quarter of 2023.

After proof of concept and refinement, this IndigeNet model will be offered on the basis of self-selection to other Indigenous communities and individuals.

The longer-term objective is to create a set of downloadable plug-and-play software appliances with a menu of accompanying micro-services that can scale it to be capable of serving individuals or any size community.

Join IndigeNet

The IndigeNet decentralized, open-source system of applications are currently in the beta stage of piloting and development. INDIGENET videos and other media presentations are also being actively developed. More information will be forthcoming. If you provide your contact information and specific interest on this form, we will be sure to keep you updated. Thank you.