Intergenerational Gathering of Panama’s Indigenous Women

The National Coordinator of Indigenous Women of Panamá (CONAMUIP) Four Worlds and the City of Knowledge Foundations held this a ceremony on the 12th -14th of November 2015 where more than 100 indigenous women of different territories and age groups of Panama participated. A traditional Ceremony held by the Embera People   initiated the gathering and thanks were given to Mother Earth for her blessings and comments were offered regarding the constant struggles of women in different situations. Chief Phil Lane Jr., Chairman of the Four Worlds Foundation noted that women are “…as the spiritual foundations that represent the indigenous people’s power”. Likewise Pimentel De León -Cacique of the General Guna Culture Congress, said that “all women participating in this gathering come from different peoples and what is important is to get to know each other and share knowledge in order to fight for our indigenous cultures”. During the three days, the participants exchanged their experiences and set a goal to designate qualified women to promote and nurture proposals and plans drafted to allow them to improve their living conditions.