The 7th Peace and Dignity Journey (PDJ) in 2016

The 7th Peace and Dignity Journey (PDJ) arrived in Panama City, Panama, November 14, 2016 after a Seven Month Run covering 10,000 miles. The PDJ runners traditionally start simultaneously from both ends of Abya Yala (The Americas) from Chickaloon, Alaska, and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina traversing at each respective Indigenous community to the next Indigenous community on foot. They have now joined for a Final Ceremony of Thanksgiving in Kuna Yala (Panama). Since 1992, every four years, the Runners of Peace and Dignity have run 70,000 miles dedicated to reuniting the Condor, the Quetzal, and the Eagle and protecting and restoring Mother Earth. The 2016 run, dedicated to seeds as a living prayer to honor and preserve the sacredness of our seeds that give food, medicine, and life