The Four Worlds Foundation Establishes a Youth Board of Directors in Panama

The Four Worlds Foundation selected in 2016 a new Board of Directors from indigenous youth of Panama, all of them were under 35 years old, six are women and five are men, all are proactive and leaders in their communities. The names of those chosen were: Iniquilipi Chiari (Gunayala), Geovany Cunanmpio (Alto Bayano community), Giuseppe Villalaz (Gunayala community and Four Worlds Executive Director, Jose Luis Cedeño (Ngobe Bugle community), and Greynaldo Cortes (Gunayala community). On chairs: Raquel Villagra (Ngobe Bugle community), Betty Lida Archibold (Gunayala community), Sara Omi (Alto Bayano community), Cornelia Palacios (Ngobe Bugle community), Jazmin Martinez (Gunayala community), and Katherine Mezua (Embera Wounaan community)