The World Alliance on People and Forests in its Global Canoe Campaign

Two events were here surrounding this meeting that took place in New York City Indigenous leaders from around the world including leaders from the Four Worlds Foundation and the Americas took part in these events. Among the participants were Mina Setra from the Dayak Pompakng and Jhontoni Trihoran, from the Forest of Lake Toba, both members of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago of Indonesia (AMAN); Sara Omi and Candido Mezua, both Embera leaders in Panama, the latter also representative of the Mesoamerican Alliance of Peoples and Forests Trust Foundation (AMPB); Ana María Castañeda, of the Maya Q’anjob’ from the Communitarian Forest Organizations’ National Alliance of Guatemala. A forum was also  held organized by the Ford Foundation and the PNUD, with actor and activist Alec Baldwig participating, as well as Hellen Clark -PNUD Administrator, indigenous leaders Diana Ríos from Peru and Mina, Frances Seymour an expert on tropical forests and Paul Walker the Ford Foundation’s President.