The Union

The Union of the Condor, Hummingbird Quetzal, and the eagle (UCHQE)

An evolving decentralized cooperative union of Indigenous communities throughout the Americas and Pacific Rim aimed at establishing greater unity, collective impact, and mutual prosperity in the modern era.

This major Indigenous-led initiative is united through their shared history, sacred teachings, prophecies, and a vision dedicated to manifesting their important wisdom and collective solutions to a more inclusive, environmentally secure, peaceful, and sustainable legacy for all humankind.

Centuries ago, a similar thriving Union of the Condor, Hummingbird, Quetzal, and the Eagle flourished among the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Our Unified Objective

Recreate the Positive Benefits of the Past

Through the mutual exchange of trade, information, and the sharing of the unique regional and cultural strengths that existed before, with the benefit of all of the 21st Century technological advances available today.

We believe that this will

Empower and Accelerate the Important Contributions Yet to be Made by Indigenous Peoples

To create a more environmentally safe, peaceful, and prosperous world for our peoples and others who might see value in joining the UCHQE transformational initiative.

Our Primary Focus For


Building of a strong Digital Backbone across the Americas

In cooperation with the Indigenous Island Nations and communities of the Pacific Rim.

Formation of IndigeNet

Via its major networking, technical and media components.

This Union is symbolized by the images and natures of the three great birds that represent the major regions of the Western Hemisphere (or the Americas that were originally populated by Indigenous nations and communities ages ago)

The Condor

South America

The Quetzal

Central America

The Eagle

North America

The Hummingbird

Amazon Region

Four Worlds Foundation Logo

The Four Worlds Foundation envisions and maintains that participation in this Union must be by the sovereign self-selection of each nation, community, and individual. In this way there will come about a wide range of methods for cooperation and contributions by all based on their respective cultural priorities, values, and unique strengths as well as the individual sovereignty endowed by our Creator to all humankind.

Over the last 50 Years

Numerous Foundational Efforts and Documents Have Established a Firm Framework to Underpin Our Negotiations for Rapidly Evolving Union

Four Worlds Guiding Principles

The remapping of the Americas into Bioregions

The International Treaty to Protect and Restore Mother Earth

Stop Runaway Climate Change

A comprehensive global approach.

Through our collective and unified work, the UCHQE envisions the emergence of a new Western and Indigenous scientific and spiritual understanding.