Biocultural Leadership Festival Celebrating the Prophecy of the Union of the Eagle and Condor

Four Worlds Foundations sponsored a Biodiversity Festival at the City of Knowledge in Panama., Representatives from throughout the Americas attended this gathering, including Indigenous brothers and sisters from Panama, Canada, United States, Guatemala and Bolivia. The celebration  highlighted “Re-Unification of the Eagle and Condor Indigenous Nations of the Americas” at the City of Knowledge Cultural Center. Youth leaders and native elders of Indigenous tribes from northern and southern Panama welcomed Jane Goodall to the City of Knowledge with a night of stories, ceremonial dances and music. The event celebrated the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, which has been shared by many Indigenous peoples for centuries. The prophecy says that when the Eagle and the Condor fly together again, the peoples of Mother Earth will rise. That they will meet in the center –in Panama and in the land of the Quetzal. All ancestral prophecies say that after a long and harsh winter, the “Condor (Indigenous peoples of the South) and the Eagle (Indigenous peoples of the North)” will reunite, and with unity, a great age of peace, well-being and prosperity shall begin for all humanity.