Palenque Meeting

After an unforgettable five days in Palenque, Chiapas  Mexico, the first council of the Union of the Condor, Quetzal, Eagle, and the Humminbird was established. There will be other councils established to implement the vision and programs of this Union in the future

These thirteen (13) capable and experienced leaders represent a wide cross-section of the Indigenous peoples and communities throughout North, Central, and South America. They have all dedicated their lives to giving voice and visibility externally to others around the world in order to support their various communities to defend their sovereignty and uplift their respective cultural and spiritual traditions. And, now, these council members have been charged to increase their discussions and cooperation around how to unify and expand their efforts toward a more harmonious and sustainable world.

Four Worlds Foundation Panama could not be happier that our International Coordinator, Iniquilipi Chiari was elected to be one of the charter members of this important council where he will represent our organization and his Guna Yala Nation, and the other Indigenous Comarcas of Panama. We are anxious to see the ideas and contributions that will come from this important new council in the near future.