Palenque Meeting

The FWF members will attend the first in-person gathering of the Union of Condor, Quetzal, Hummingbird, and Eagle representatives. The event will take place in the heart of our Quetzal, in the cities of La Ventana and Palenque, Mexico, from March 17th to 23rd. 

This gathering will be particularly special because the first Sacred Council of the Union of the Condor, Quetzal, Hummingbird, and Eagle will be elected. The election follows a non-partisan, prayerful, and democratic vote system, in which the Union will choose the best fits to lead our humanitarian and environmental efforts.  

The Union representatives work actively in creating an understanding, commitment, and trust among the members of the Human Family. It is during these meetings that opportunities are identified and solutions to the world’s problems are debated. The Union designs an action plan to be implemented by its members simultaneously in the four corners of the world.