Spiritual Ceremony in the City of Knowledge

During the Bio Cultural Leadership Festival with Jane Goodall at the City of Knowledge, there was a spiritual ceremony with the Earth Train Foundation and several local traditional chiefs.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Jane Goodall, Chief Phil Lane Jr., as well as the chiefs and representatives from the Indigenous territories of the Embera, Guna and Ngäbe peoples, and other invited guests. Everyone present formed a semicircle and listened to the words of the Embera spiritual leader who spoke about the importance of taking care of Mother Nature and maintaining unity with Her, especially during these times of misuse and destruction of natural resources. According to Chief Phil Lane Jr., the spiritual  ceremony was a great opportunity for the Indigenous peoples  of Panama to unite over a single cause and search for peace and harmony with nature, not only with all other Indigenous peoples, but also with all the other peoples of the world. Jane Goodall expressed her satisfaction at being a part of the ceremony, since she has been to many places in the world and has participated in various events in Indigenous communities. She felt that they are special because they seek to share

spirituality with all other peoples and beings of the planet.